Friday, October 20, 2006

DIY Headlight bulb replacement on Porsche 996

So, after having my local dealer's service adviser walk me through the process, I figured out how to change the light bulb on my halogen headlights, I figure I want to share the wealth:

Tools Needed:
- 5mm "female" hex socket
- extension rod for socket
- socket wrench
- replacement light bulbs, mine was H7

The steps I took was:
1) unscrew the plastic tab that holds the carpet to the side in the trunk
2) unplug the rubber round plug
3) stick the 5mm wrench socket into it and slowly turn until you hear a snap
4) keep turning slowly, it will then start pushing the housing out part ways.
5) pull out the housing, and replace the bulb
6) reverse process to reinstall the housing back in the car

I beleve the same process applies for the Xenon headlamps.

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