Friday, September 25, 2009

I'm on a boat! What happens when you combine Hermes with Wally

I have never been a huge yacht person before.  I frequently get seasick.  Contrary to my mother's belief, making me take sailing classes when I was young did not decrease my susceptibility of getting seasick.  Funny enough, I did learn the different between Port (left) and Starboard (right) side of the boat though.

There was one yacht that caught my eye in the movie "The Island" that after some research I realized was an actual boat.  The price of the boat was a staggering $30M dollars, and only one was made in the world.  This was a 118 ft luxury yacht made completely out of carbon fiber and Kevlar.  The boat is powered by twin turbine engines.  The name: WallyPower 118.  Pictures of this boat was awe inspiring.  The yacht literally looked like a stealth fighter on water.

I heard from a colleague the interior of the vessel is not very well laid out, but come on, even it's toilet seats are carbon fiber!  The design of the exterior is nothing short of breathtaking.  You can see for yourself.  As my girlfriend famously said, "if you had $30M of F U money, you would probably buy it."  I definitely would -- and I'd be on a boat!

Now in an effort to "one up" this masterpiece, Wally and Hermès joined forces to create "WHY" (Wally Hermès Yacht).  I don't even want to contemplate how much this yacht will be.  Basically two of the most famous, and expensive brands got together and decided to create a yacht together.

Wally is known for making ultra luxury and expensive yachts (see the WallyPower 118 above).  Hermès make high end leather goods which includes their Birkin line of handbags that start at $10,000 but can be as much as $200,000 +.

To put it in perspective, imagine trying to make a mansion float.  That's essentially what this new design is -- a mega houseboat.  See for yourself:

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