Monday, September 21, 2009

My Chase Ordeal Continues

To further prove my point that CHASE has no idea what they are doing, I offer this proof.

For the past weekend, I have been receiving calls from CHASE collections.  They have been demanding that I make payment on my mortgage that I have been up to date with for the past two years.  I have had problems with them the past few months attempting to add additional fees to my mortgage that is not valid, see here. I was assured that the previous problem has been resolved.

Because of limitations with their online payment system.  I was asked to mail my check in via snail mail and I was told everything will be fine.  I mailed my August payment well ahead of the due date.  The check was only for $2,604 because they had previously in error charged me an additional $547.  The combination of those two should have been my actual monthly payment. The representative assured me their system was capable of combining the payments.

Fast forward to the end of September.  I received numerous harassing calls from them and decided to check my account online. Not only did they not fix the issue, they also claim that they never received my last payment (even though my checking account states otherwise).  My check for $2,604, although registered as cashed by CHASE home mortgage, was nowhere to be found on my online registrar.  In addition, they now claim I owe them $6,302 + late fees.


I just got off the phone with a representative that has worked with me ever since the error occurred back in July.   Again, great example that the right hand isn't communicating with the left.  From what was explained to me, there are 3 or 4 representatives working on my account and none of them are speaking with each other -- this causes massive confusion and each are doing their own thing. 

Since I been reported to collections for something I didn't cause, they are going to try to reverse everything.  But chances are my credit has already be dinged.  This is really upsetting, since I have spent years and years building up my credit.

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