Monday, September 21, 2009

P!NK Concert - Live at San Jose HP Pavilion

To surprise my girlfriend, I decided to buy two tickets to P!NK. 

I have been to a Coldplay concert at HP Pavilion before and always liked the venue.  Unfortunately, we sat in the upper row at the Coldplay concert and I felt I was too far away from the action.  This time around I made sure to buy tickets at the lower level and closer to the middle of the stadium.  Because I had to buy the tickets back in April, I completely forgot about them until a week before the show, when my girlfriend "gently" reminded me.  After scrambling through all of my junk, I finally found the tickets -- next time I'm getting the electronic version.

I've been to many concerts in my lifetime but the FunHouse tour was the most elaborate.  The concert was a mix between an actual rock concert and Cirque Du Soleil.  In many ways I felt the show was choreographed to tell a story -- just like the original Cirque Du Soleil.  I've heard that the producers even went as far as to hire some of the dancers from the famed company to perform for her concert.

My only gripe would be the $10 hot dogs and nachos.  Overpriced for the product, but about the same as you would pay at a San Francisco Giants Ballgame.  So not much to complain there.

Overall, the concert was much better than I anticipated.  The seats were amazing - we were only about 12 rows from the bottom and right in front of the middle stage before the catwalk area.  All of the music and background singers were live and I felt the concert was more than worth the price of the tickets. 

P!NK's personality definitely shown through during the concert and there were many "intermissions" where she would speak to the audience between acoustic solos.  She has a very spunky, dorky, and playful personality.

After seeing her in person in concert, I can understand why security escorted P!NK away from Kanye at the MTV VMA awards.  If they got in a brawl, she would have decked Kanye ~ then we will have to hear Kanye whine to the media about how he got beat up by a girl.

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