Monday, September 21, 2009

Rental Experiences -- Bernstein Realty & Capri Creek

Below is a list of rental companies/properties I have rented from and my thoughts on them. I will be adding to this list as time goes on. The first couple I posted on Yelp, but I will be posting my future reviews here.

Bernstein Realty -- 4 star rating

I rented from Bernstein Realty for 16 months and overall had a great experience. Seems like from the reviews the experiences vary from apt to apt. The apartment I rented was located at 1211 Bellevue, Burlingame.

The apartment was fairly large for the price with 2 parking spots in downtown Burlingame. In addition, the unit had been recently renovated with stainless steel appliances. My only complaint was the bathroom having rot issues but the window was very quickly replaced with updated double pane windows.

The only real negative I can think of is several vehicles have been broken into during my tenure, and management did not do anything about it. Because it is an underground parking garage, I feel it should have been better lit.

Capri Creek Apartments -- 2.5 star rating

It is a decent apartment for short or mid term lease terms.

Unfortunately, the management is fairly non-interactive and we received many notices for many things throughout the year that "required" the service workers to enter our apartments while we are not present. Our apartment was not cleaned when we moved in and had to do it ourselves.

Non-covered parking is a nightmare as many tenants drive big trucks and the spots are made for compact cars.

There are a lot of kids in the complex and sometimes they get noisy as well as play in the parking area... prepare for the possibly of kids using the side of your car for kicking soccer balls.

Walls are paper thing as we can hear our neighbors as well as have to tiptoe upstairs to not disturb our neighbors downstairs.

Upside is the upstairs apartment is really nice with high ceilings as well as ample parking spots.

Overall it's nice... but not that great.

Don't expect to get your deposit back. We personally rented a machine and steam cleaned our own carpets. During our move out inspection we were given the all clear by the apartment representative. Even with that, most of our deposit was not returned due to cleaning charges that were never fully explained. We also never received proper receipts. It was impossible to reach management after you leave to get an explanation, or any additional deposit returned.

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