Friday, September 25, 2009

Rental Solution!

What a great ending to what started as a crazy and crappy week!

My CHASE representative "Shanda" called me this morning to tell me that they have fixed all the errors associated to my mortgage.  They no longer have me in collections for "ghost" payments, and my online balance no longer reflects that I still owe them over $6,000.  The escrow and insurance issue should also be resolved!  Now I can use my online account to pay for my mortgage again!

Next, I was able to negotiate with Michael to release me from my lease at 321 Oxford Way (Oxford Manor) -- I will be leaving that complex in 3 weeks with no penality!  It was a win-win situation as I really did not want to stay in that complex, and the supposed liability of my dog was big enough where MNM Partners would rather allow me to exit my lease early than force me to complete my lease.  I will be reviewing the paperwork with Sammy and hopefully that will be completed soon.

Lastly, my gf and I found this amazing duplex for rent in a very beautiful residential area of downtown Burlingame where the rent is reasonable and they accept my dog (any dog as long as it's trained and friendly -- perfect!).  The area is surrounded by million dollar homes and tree lined street not unlike old Palo Alto.  We'll also be near the tennis courts and local parks.  I'm pretty much ready to sign on the spot and I'm so looking forward to checking out the duplex tomorrow.  I'm really hoping that no one else gets it before me -- but the landlord claims that it's first-come, first-serve, and I'm the first appointment.

I have learned from my experience to never live in a crappy area.  Not worth it.  Especially with apartment living, it's your neighbors that make up most of that living experience.  When your neighbors are unemployed, section 8, and ghetto, the environment just can't get that much better.

I have also learned to appreciate smaller complexes.  These smaller complexes tend to be more closely managed by individual owner/operators.  In addition, they are usually more lax about their rules and regulations, and willing to make exceptions when the situation calls for it.

I'm thinking of starting a small site just so independent owners can post up their listings.  Wouldn't that be wonderful?

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