Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coach John Wooden -- Life Lessons

I randomly ran into this video while surfing the site and I love the message that the speaker is communicating to his audience.  In the path I took myself and through my own life experiences, I have come to the same conclusion. 

The formula for success is clearly laid out by John (from his father) as the following:
  1. Never try to be better than someone else
  2. Always learn from others
  3. Never cease to be better than who you can be.
In essence, if you are so focused to be better than someone else, you will become so frustrated that you will end up sabotaging your full potential.  The act of focusing on someone else means you cannot focus on yourself.  In other words, "if you get too engrossed, involved, or concerned over things that you have NO control, it will adversely affect the things where you do have control."  I have seen this both from my own experience as well as through example from others. 

Ultimately, success is a peace of mind attend only through self satisfaction and knowing you've made the effort to do the best you are capable.

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