Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ode to Morons who swing their car door open

I was helping a coworker out by taking him to our local Bank of America branch after lunch and waiting for him in the car when this over-sized Dodge Durango pulled up next to me, parking carelessly.

The overweight Polynesian lady driving the car proceeded to swing her door, with force, wide open right into my car.  As she stepped out we made eye contact and she realized I was in the car, and saw the whole thing.  She proceed to pretend that nothing happened and walked over to the ATM.  As I stepped out to inspect the damage, her equally large husband/boyfriend proceed to try to stare me down.  Funny -- good thing too cause it would have been sad if my coworker was the only individual who heard me call her a "fat cow".

Lucky, my car was only worth about $1,000 so my anger was reasonably moderated. 

The point I'm trying to make is people should have the decency of respecting other people and their possessions.  I really don't understand the individuals who think otherwise.

Unfortunately, a lot of this relates to the level of (or lack thereof) education they receive.  The same personality resides in my soon to be former downstairs neighbor.  They don't realize why most of us do not challenge them.  Like a riced out Honda Civic trying to challenge a Porsche on the highway.  In essence, they're not worth our time. 

These individuals usually operate with a chip on their shoulder, believing the world owes them.  Actually, I strongly believe they owe us.  Without my hard earned tax money paying for their welfare, they wouldn't have the money for their DUBS, or loud stereo systems in their crappy cars.

By the way, to the driver of the Dodge Durango with CA license plate 5VBJ768 and equally retarded husband/boyfriend of said driver.  You're a waste of space.  F U.

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