Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Schools in Bay Area

Test results for California and the Bay Area can be a daunting array of numbers.

The state Department of Education, for example, presents the scores as percentages of students scoring at grade-level proficiency, rather than as test scores themselves.

Here are highlights from schools and districts in the Bay Area:
  • The five top-scoring schools in English are all elementary schools: Millikin in Santa Clara Unified, Faria and Murdock-Portal in the Cupertino Union district, Sleepy Hollow in the Orinda Union Elementary District, and North Star Academy in the Redwood City Elementary District.
  • The five star performers in math (tested only in grades 2 through 7) are also elementary schools: Faria, Millikin and Murdock-Portal, as well as Hoover in Palo Alto Unified, and Dilworth in the Cupertino Union district.
  • Among the lowest-scoring schools in English are Reach Academy in Oakland, Foothill High in the East Side Union High School District of San Jose, Life Learning Academy Charter School in San Francisco, Vicente Martinez High in Martinez Unified, and East Oakland School of the Arts and Mandela High in Oakland.
  • Among the lowest-scoring schools in math, grades 2 through 7, are Peralta Creek Middle School in Oakland, King Academy in Marin City, United for Success Academy and Cole Middle School in Oakland, Forty-Niners Academy in the Ravenswood City Elementary District in East Palo Alto, and Gloria R. Davis Middle School in San Francisco.
  • The Bay Area's five top charter schools in English are Santa Rosa Accelerated in the Santa Rosa High School District, Bullis in Santa Clara, American Indian in Oakland, Discovery in Santa Clara, and Arundel Elementary in the San Carlos Elementary School District.
  • The Bay Area's five top charters in math are Bullis, American Indian, KIPP Heartwood Academy in Santa Clara, Santa Rosa Accelerated, and Fammatre in the Cambrian Elementary District in Santa Clara County.
  • The Bay Area's five lowest-scoring charter schools in English are Oasis High in Oakland, Abraxis in Sonoma County, University Preparatory in Oakland (now closed), Escuela Popular in Santa Clara, and MACSA Academia in Santa Clara.
  • The Bay Area's bottom five charters in math are Junior Space Exploration in Oakland (now closed), Stanford New School in San Mateo, East Oakland Leadership Academy in Oakland, Ronald Edison-McNair in the Ravenswood City Elementary District, and Bay Tech in Oakland.
  • The top scoring schools within 10 selected districts in English are Lowell High in San Francisco, Rancho Elementary in Novato, Hillcrest Elementary in Oakland, Jefferson Elementary in Berkeley, East Avenue Elementary in Hayward, Middle College High in West Contra Costa Unified, Pennycook Elementary in Vallejo Unified, Tobias Elementary in the Jefferson Elementary District in Daly City, Morello Park Elementary in Martinez, and Williams Elementary in San Jose Unified.

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