Friday, October 9, 2009

Why I don't take the bus

Many people are proponents of taking public transportation.  I for one do not enjoy taking buses in San Francisco.  From my limited experience living in the city without a car, the bus ("Muni") is filled with some serious crazies.

When I lived in Boston I enjoyed riding the public transit.  The T (Boston Subway system) and the bus system were usually filled with individuals who were either students and/or young professionals.

But in SF, it's a whole different story.

There's always someone who's borderline mentally unstable or some homeless guy riding the Muni.  I end up having to smell the odor of someone who bathes less than my dog or sit in the proximity of someone who is just not dealing with a full deck of cards.

Here is an example of what someone filmed:

Dave Chappelle couldn't have said it better in the clip below:

I think Muni should install surveillance cameras on all of their buses to record crazies.  Maybe even have a more expensive, upscale bus that weeds out the crazies and mentally retarded.

Until then, I think I will continue driving.

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