Saturday, October 10, 2009

You're not the first

Although BMW's most recent vehicle design has fallen out of favor, I'm still always entertained by how creative their ad agency is.  One prime example is their advertisement for their certified used cars, with the caption, "you know you're not the first."

Unfortunately, that's where the similarities of a hot lady and an used car ends.  I highly doubt that attractive lady will come any cheaper just because she's used.  But the ad does bring up a good point.

There is a big stigma for used vehicles -- especially in the Asian community.   Growing up in a relatively traditional household, I realized that many Asians look down on individuals who purchased used vehicles.  This is because there is a perception that they had to purchase used because they could not afford the price of the new vehicle.  In addition, there is always the fear that the previous owner may have inadvertently damaged the car prior.  Lastly, my father summed it up best, "it's like a pair of boxer, why would you want to wear an used pair?"

A nice car is a nice car whether it's new or used.  As long as the vehicle is properly taken care of and maintained, many times you can get all the excitement and performance of the new vehicle at a significant discount from MSRP.  Many used vehicles also come with factory warranty, so it is a win-win situation for a potential buyer.

Being a finance guy, and an individual who has purchased both new and used vehicles, I really do not see the difference.  I would much rather purchase a vehicle used for cheaper as I have better things to do with my savings than to throw it away just to "show off" I bought it new.  There is one important difference though, unless you are aware of what you're getting yourself into, do make sure you purchase the vehicle under warranty.  Vehicles out of warranty, especially the "attractive" German models, are very expensive to maintain and repair.

Why else do you think their Service Department always look so nice? ;-)

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