Monday, November 23, 2009

My realistic next car

As I start coming back to reality and dreams of my Mercedes-AMG SLS experience fade into history, I am confronted by two sudden realizations.  First, I will probably not be able to afford the Mercedes-AMG SLS in the near future, nor would it be smart of me to get one at this time of my life.  Second, there is a strong possibility that my Volvo may not be as bulletproof as I initially imagined and I may soon be in need of another car.

With those concerns on the horizon, what do I do?  I know in my heart that after this event the likely next car in my stable will be an AMG.  But I also need the vehicle to fit my luggage, passengers, my dog, and various other junk that I have learned to love and use my Volvo for.

Although the AMG vehicles may not be as precise and accurate as the Audi RS4 or the BMW M3, I cannot deny my love of large displacement engines and the sound from the throaty V8.

The vehicle I can probably afford in the near future would be the C63 AMG.  The handling of the C63 AMG on the track actually pleasantly surprised me.  I have to admit, I drove it nowhere near the limit of it's performance like Jeremy Clarkson or 'The Stig' did.  But even within my comfort zone, the car handled beautifully and the vehicle had limitless amount of torque.  The downside is the automatic transmission, it's not as intelligent as I would like it to be.  I am in love with the dual-clutch transmission of the SLS, but within my budget, I will have to settle for the automatic.

Now if they only sold the C63 AMG Estate (wagon) here across the pond...

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