Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Videos from the AMG SLS experience

Since I personally don't own a camera, I have limited footage of the event, especially the videos.  Most of the media you see here is from my trusty girlfriend as well as from other attendees of the event who were gracious enough to share.

Below are several more videos that gives you a glimpse of the performance as well as the intoxicating sound of the new Mercedes-AMG SLS.  The videos may require a Facebook account to view.
  1. A lap at Laguna Seca Raceway with Tommy Kendall [HQ]
  2. Bernd Maylander out of Turn 11 at Laguna Seca Raceway [HD]
  3. Down the Corkscrew [HD]
  4. TK ripping through the Corkscrew in an SLS AMG [HD]
Video #1 was how we should have driven Laguna Seca.  Each participant as part of their schwag bag received the same video of their hot lap in a CLK Black series on the famous Laguna Seca while being guided by an instructor.  My lap was nowhere as clean or fast as Tommy's.  Not even close.

Video #2 was the taxi ride I rode that almost caused me to leave my launch in the Mercedes-AMG SLS.  I was definitely dry heaving like a drunk freshman for a good portion of the afternoon after the interview with Matthew K (he caught me right when I completed my taxi ride). 

Video #3 was one of the training modules that we experienced early on in the morning.  After our short lecture and orientation in the "tent" (it was really a very well furnished semi-permanent building) we all piled into C63 AMG as well as CLK Black series to do lead-follow practice with our instructors.

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