Monday, November 9, 2009

Weight lifted off my shoulders

I finally received the balance of my deposit this past week.  No longer do I have to worry about Sammy, MNM Parters, Oxford Manor apartments, or even that ghetto area of Belmont near 101.  I had to fight the management step by step to get most of my deposit back.

The damage on my deposit of $1,300 ($1,000 deposit, $300 pet deposit) was $304 for my tenure there from middle of July through October.  I had $996 returned to me.

Of the $304 charged, $100 was for "cleaning" even though the unit was given to me dirty (and even a hole in the balcony to boot), $60 was for "deep" carpet cleaning (this I understood since I had a pet).  The balance was for my "water" bill. This was the water bill for 1 individual.

Oxford Manor uses Minol to manage their water use. In other words, on top of your regular PG&E gas and electric bill, they also pro-rate out their water expenses to the tenants.  Fairly annoying, and ultimately the money you spend living in the apartment is anywhere from $50-$100 more a month.  This is especially unfair to certain tenants as there are units that live 5 to a 1 bedroom junior apartment. 

End of the day, as annoying and disgusting as the apartment complex was, I the management has been "fair" and I'm glad the nightmare is over.

In contrast, the new management company for the duplex I am staying in now has been nothing but spectacular and super responsive.  Amazing.

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