Thursday, January 21, 2010

Better off Ted -- Review

With the dynamic duo of JD and Turk leaving prime time and the show currently back filled by new actors, I have started looking for a replacement to Scrubs.  Most recently I overheard an interview that Portia de Rossi gave to NPR's Fresh Air, and decided to give this show a shot.  I loved it.  Although I came into the show in Season 2, you can find many resources to catch up.

Better Off Ted is an American single-camera situation comedy.  The show deals with the day-to-day absurdities at a heartless technology company, Veridian Dynamics. (sourced from Wikipedia).  The fake commercials that the producer created for Veridian and dispersed throughout the show is funny as well.  The show reminds me of the many absurdities that I have came across during my tenure working for various companies. 

Veronica, played by Portia, is the titular character's boss.  Veronica is completely upbeat, confident, yet mute of any regular human emotion or common sense.  All she cares about is how she can forward her own career as well as the goals of the company.  Interesting note is the head honcho is the same guy that is in the Orbitz Travel commerical. Ted just does his best to make sure the company stays on track and everything keeps moving.

Overall, I have now become a big fan of this show.

Season 1, Episode 1 -- pilot

This should give you all a good start, now go out and find the rest yourself. ;-)

Ok, fine, here's a place to start.

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