Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paco Collars 37mm

Some time late last year, I went to Paco Collars (yes, the awesome people who made my dog's collars & leash) with a request for a custom bracelet I had been thinking about for a while. After a couple emails back and forth, and a horrible picture drawn on my iPhone, the bracelet was made. DBF, Nizzy and I made the trip up to Berkeley, only to find that it was a tad too large. D'oh! We grabbed a delicious fried chicken sandwich with literally the only coleslaw I have ever loved at Bakesale Betty's (beware of a 30 min line) and I returned with a brass studded bracelet of my own. Behold, the 37mm.

First of all, yes, it is a leather bracelet named after a song sung by a vegan/vegetarian band--oops. But I was listening to a lot of 37mm and Blaqk Audio songs when I was going through an odd phase of really wanting a leather bracelet/cuff thing (those come about every year or so, but this year it came with an odd itch for studs spurred by a serious lemming for the way, way out of my price range Hermes Collier de Chien and the Xdog collar), and so, yeah. Oops.

The bracelet has been on my wrist nearly every day--I don't wear it to work or under fitted long sleeve shirts (odd bulges aren't really that cool), and it's just as soft as Nizzy's collars. The brass studs aren't all evenly lined up as they're painstakingly put together by hand, but I think it adds a nice edge to any outfit, without being overly blingy or fashionable (going-out-of-fashion-able). Plus, it feels kind of nice to be wearing something that I had ordered just the way I wanted it. It's a unique satisfaction. I really need to get a better modeling shot of this thing--it looks way better on a wrist, whether it be dog or human.

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