Tuesday, March 16, 2010

US Marshal Confiscated Auto Auction

Now, why does the US Marshal need to hold their confiscated auto auction in Salk Lake City, Utah?  The auction, being handled by auctioneers Erkelens and Olson, will be held on April 1 at 10 a.m.  This is probably one of the worst locations they could have picked for an auto auction.  How about locating the auction somewhere where people could actually drive the car year round?

I wish they can have one of these auctions here.  I've never been to one but there are definitely some deals to be had here, and amazing classics.  Who knows?  You may even get lucky and find a half brick of smack hidden underneath your seat!

For more information, please visit here.

Here is some of the vehicles I would love to bid on:
  • Delorean, from Back to the Future.  How could you say no to this car with its distinctive gull wing?
  • Even though it's a replica, there's nothing like some open top motoring with a Shelby Cobra and a big block V-8 underneath the hood -- with no muffler or catalytic converter to get in the way of the gas fumes coming up from the side of your door.
  • Pantera.  Not the heavy metal band, but the real deal.  This is a mid-engine car that has so much room when you open the trunk (where the engine resides) that you can probably fit another V-8 in there.  The Italian car runs on an American V-8.  The whole package is gift wrapped in fiberglass.  Statement of the 1980s.  Gorden Gecko, the excess.  What more could you want?
  • Dodge Viper.  Remember the days in the early 1990s when we actually had hope for Chrysler?  This car was designed and built by a couple dudes in a garage out back of the factory, and came out to kick some Ferrari and Porsche butt.  The interior was crap, but with a tuned V-10 engine borrowed from a pickup truck, there isn't much that was faster -- or harder to keep on the road.  This car alone spelled the return of Dodge and the RAM.  During this period, Chrysler even owned Lamborghini for a very short period!  Unfortunately, this golden age was short lived and now they are owned by the Italians.  One thing the Italians is good at is design, the one thing they are not good at is reliability.  Then again, nowadays, neither is Toyota.
  • Porsche Turbo.  It is always the odd balls that end up being cherished collectibles. This was the year that Porsche decided to copy the Ferrari and Lamborghini of their days and created the slant nose Porsche. This design trend actually carried over to the early 1990s.  I still remember the early 90s Corvette with their flip up lights.  These designs never last long.  Porsche engineers should just realize the 993 was the pinnacle of their design and do their best not to get too creative and stray from that platform!
    • The 'Cuda.  Now there's nothing else that really represent the American muscle car age as the Barracuda.  The car looks like the actual fish ready to snap and chew on anything that got in it's way.  Although the vehicle, and most muscle cars in general, are fairly redneck-ish, it's hard to deny that big horsepower appeal. 

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