Monday, April 19, 2010

Chrysler's build and design quality

I just took my Volvo in for service today and received a Dodge sedan (Charger or Avenger, not sure which one but I don't think it matters) as a loaner. After getting into the car, it became pretty clear to me why Chrysler was failing and loosing market share. To be honest, it feels like these manufacturers never bothered to figure out there is a much larger market they have to appeal to besides the American Midwest.  Well, that isn't 100% true.  Ford has at least made an effort recently.

People vote mainly with their pocketbooks.  If you can't figure out why other auto manufacturers are selling better than you are, maybe you should buy one and reverse engineer what they are doing.  Even the interior of a base model Honda Accord looks better than the interior of the Dodge loaner I received.

The interior of the Dodge was so poorly and cheaply designed I'm starting to wonder why we even bothered to bail Chrysler out to begin with. They should been put out to pasture just like Oldsmobile.


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