Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CODA Automotive -- $37,000!?!?!?!

I was told by a colleague of mine that the CODA will be priced at $37,000 after Federal tax incentives and rebates.  Now that, is crazy.

I don't think I can justify buying a $37,000 car that looks more or less like a KIA.

In addition, it will take quite some time for one to break even on their investment in an opportunity cost perspective.  For example, if you actually went out and bought a KIA for $17,000 and put the remainder $20,000 in a CD, it will take a while before the cost savings of the CODA catches up.  I'm guessing at a minimum it will take 5-years, which is usually around the time most Americans start looking for a new car. 

Many companies are coming out with all electric vehicles priced reasonably at $25,000 or less after Federal incentives and rebates.

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