Sunday, April 4, 2010

You don't mess with the real Zohan

Adam Sandler's movies have always been slapstick funny, but my personal opinion is they are nothing extraordinary.  I'm not saying the movies are not entertaining, but Adam's production crew does sometimes push jokes too far.  Many times Adam does things beyond the point of being cheesy, especially in movies he stars himself.

In fact, I never really paid attention to Adam's recent film "You don't mess with the Zohan" until a recent NPR interview.  Apparently this film was based on a real life character, an Israeli Commando who decided to trade in his M-16 and grenades for scissors and a blow-dryer. The background info on the real character is a bit fuzzy.  Some suggest he lives in San Diego while others suggest he owns a salon with his brother in Beverly Hills

There are some ironic castings in the movie as well.  The girl who plays Adam's love interest is Emmanuelle Chriqui.  Emmanuelle is most famously known for playing Sloan on the hit HBO show Entourage.  Sloan, as many of you know, is Eric's love interest and eventual fiancĂ©e in the TV series. What you many not know is she is a Montreal born Canadian Moroccan Jewish actress.  For some reason I always thought she was Italian, may have been because of Entourage but I'm not sure why.  In this movie, Emmanuelle plays a Palestinian girl who moved to the United States to get away from her brother's destructive past. 

The one unexpected cameo that I enjoyed was Dave Matthews playing the redneck terrorist. This casting was completely unexpected and extraordinary entertaining. In many ways the appearing of huge stars show the pull Adam Sandler has in the movie industry.  It's just too bad he didn't find someone who can write him a better script.  

Unlike Ben Stiller's recent flick "Tropic Thunder", I would rate most of Adam Sandler's movies as download-for-free or watch-for-free on network/cable TV.  I don't think his movies are worth watching in the box office.

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