Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stupid Yellow Cab Driver

There are several general understandings that stands for cab driver.  Most do not speak English and although they would like believe they are proficient drivers, most are not.  Prime example was seen yesterday evening around 5:30pm.  This Asian cab driver was swerving aggressively in and out of rush hour traffic without signaling. 

Now did this get him to where he needs to go any faster? Nope.  Having stayed in my 1-lane, I still ended up faster than he was.  In addition, he was actually at several times taking up more than 1-lane just so no one could pass him.  Maybe I should give him the benefit of doubt by thinking he was too stupid to realize which lane he was in. 

To endangering your fellow commuters and being a moron, you have earned a spot on this blog.  Hopefully whomever manages Yellow Cab car # 980 will read this and fire that moron.

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