Monday, May 3, 2010

White trash in the GMC

Just because you drive a rusted out GMC doesn't mean you have the right to cut people off and ignore common courtesy.

I understand you hate the world and those who did better than you because you never bothered to apply yourself to anything.  Although it was not our fault that you whored yourself out to the jocks in high school instead of doing well in class, you still like to blame it on us because it's the American way.  Yes, it's our fault that your life sucks down, so why don't you take it out on us.

Yes, I honked at you because you chose to use the merge lane to pass rush hour traffic and didn't even have the common courtesy to see that I was way ahead of you and just because you were on the breakdown lane trying to pass me doesn't make it right.  Oh wait, did I mention I was actually using the lane correctly and actually merging onto the freeway?

Too bad my camera wasn't set to take a better picture, but you have won my you're an idiot award.

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