Sunday, June 20, 2010

Douche bags in Acura RSXs

Yes, you drive an Acura, but it's really a crappy Toyota Celica Front Wheel Drive competitor.  Your car is really a Honda.  Only idiots and douche bags like yourself are convinced that you actually drive something nice.

Being geeky and Asian, tinting your window won't help you be any cooler.  In fact, when you race full speed on Highway 92 Eastbound then cut me off in my SUV, without signaling, and almost clipping the front of my car, it takes a lot of self control for me to keep myself from running you off the road.

Too bad my cell phone takes horrible pictures and I can't make out your license plate -- you got lucky.

Unfortunately, when I was trying to get a better shot to find out who you are and where you live, you got scared and swerved off to Highway 101 S.  Nice move, merging off the 2-lane highway from the left most lane, without signaling, and cutting off even more people.

Maybe next time you can try to drive a real sports car.  This way you don't have to over rev that 4-banger VTEC.  Oh wait, you didn't even have the Type-S.  So sad...

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