Sunday, June 27, 2010

Voodooo D-Jab Mountain Bikes

Wow, I thought they went out of business.  I still remember when Voodoo Cycles was based off High Street in Palo Alto.  I purchased the bicycle after I started working for Wheelsmith, which is now also defunct.  I think at its current location is some sort of kitchen and faucet supply store...

Back when I purchase the bike in 1995 it cost me about $2,200.  I wonder if those bikes still cost that much now.

I loved the mountain bike (although mine did not have the removable sliding dropouts. I been wanting to convert my mountain bike to a single speed but that has been a long process.  Apparently the geometry of the bicycle does not allow for long travel forks.  I may decide just to put a rigid front in the front.

The new Voodoo D-Jab

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