Sunday, January 23, 2011

Banksy and Street Art Documentary

I'm really enjoying this documentary video about Banksy and other Street Artists.  Really cool.  I would love to have some of these artworks decorate my home and the walls of my living room.

I do feel sorry for anyone who bought work from Mr. BrainWash ("MBW").  This was a guy who was never a film maker (but eventually claimed he was) and then became a "street artist" by having other people do the work for him.  He never made a statement, and his work didn't really mean anything.  In fact, he was just after the money and fame.  In some ways, maybe Mr. BrainWash was smart preying on all the idiots in the world with money.

He sold $1,000,000 during his art show in LA ~~ again, there's a lot of gullible people in this world, buying art that the guy didn't even produce.

This article/review couldn't have said it better.  In fact, some suggest that it was all a hoax created by Banksy himself

I mean, if the general mass is stupid enough to take what he created as "real" art, we shouldn't be surprised that we're in this mortgage crisis.  In fact, the people on Wall Street were just the MBW of CDOs.

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