Sunday, March 27, 2011

Changing my walk to work

Starting in April, I will once again be parking back in my old spot.  I will no longer be taking snapshots of the Embarcadero, but instead be seeing more views of the San Francisco Financial District and old Asian men or women stretching in the park.

Ahhh, back in traffic past my current parking spot to the one closer to the office. Because of the geek in me, I'm going to be timing myself tomorrow to see how much quicker it is.  Good thing my iPhone also has a stopwatch!

I also won't be seeing this beautiful view as much in the evenings.

Then again, sometimes when I see the waves on my drive in, I do get worried about parking on the pier.  Parking on the pier can't be that great for my car either, as I'm sure the salt water would have some negative effect on my car.  So I'm glad my car is back in the safety of a covered garage, and away from people parking way too close to me.

With the indoor garage closing at 8pm, this means I will be spending less time in the office, but also means I will need to get back to my car sooner if I do decide to hang out with coworkers/friends during happy hour.  Overall, probably better for me in the long run.

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