Saturday, March 19, 2011

Follow up on Asians in the Library

I have been hearing various rumors of the blonde, Alexandra Wallace, who made the now infamous video about Asians in UCLA (Which, just to be clear, stands for University of Caucasians, Lost in Asians).  The story unfolding now sounds more like a PR campaign gone bad then some naive girl who didn't know better ranting.

Hopefully this will also be a lesson to some people I know. Although you may not mean anything by it, being racist is not okay.  I noticed this when I worked in the past in more rural areas in Northern California.  These people really just don't know any better.

From the various rumors now cropping up, it seems like Alexandra, and her father, were trying to create a viral video to help Alexandra promote herself.  In fact, there are rumors that states Alexandra's father was actively looking for web sites domain names prior to all the drama that both reference Asians in the Library as well as her daughter's name.  Their hope was that she would become a viral internet star like Justin Bieber and Obama Girl.

In fact, this website recently popped up promoting her "fitness modeling" The icing on the cake was within the newly developed website, her father actually commented, "daddy got you started and you will love this!"

Yeah, I'm sure she's loving life right now.

When the "sh#t hit the fan" Alexandra tried desperately to remove both the YouTube video as well as any reference and pictures of herself from Model Mayham, Facebook, and MySpace.  What Alexandra quickly realized was one of the basic rules of the internet, once it goes up, it never comes down.  That "private sex video" that gets uploaded?  That embarrassing picture or video of you that gets put on Facebook or YouTube?  Those never go away.  In fact, you can be pretty certain that once it makes it online, everyone will probably see it, and it will follow you for the rest of your life, and beyond.

In case this site referenced above ever gets taken down, you will be able to see the site in all its glory below.

In a world where people are actively seeking fame, and where people believe any publicity is good publicity, this strategy has backfired on her.

Unfortunately for Alexandra, who appears to be an aspiring "model", she has since been forced to withdrawal from UCLA due to receiving various death threats as well as being ostracized by the community.

This goes to my last point.  Just because you have pictures of yourself on ModelMayham, or some heavily Photoshopped  images taken by a guy in his mid 40s with a digital SLR claiming to be a photographer, it does not mean you are legitimate. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can open a Model Mayham account.  The site is owned by Internet Brands, who monetizes the site by putting ads on all those pictures of girls who are pretty butt f#ck ugly but think they are pretty.  Then again, there are apparently a lot of desperate men in this world.

Sometimes, I wish we could go back to the days where there was not a prevalence of high end digital cameras and photo editing software that would allow any sleazy middle age men to claim they are a photographer.  

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