Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sometimes, I just don't get it

I've heard many times conservative 20-somethings quoting the movie "Team America", especially the quote, "America, F*ck Yeah".  These very same individuals disagree with anything Democratic and love the Republican and Tea Party movement. Most of the individuals I have encountered either went to University of Arizona ("U of A") or Arizona State University ("ASU").  This sometimes leads me to question how well some "brick and mortar" colleges actually educate their students. 

Couple things I would like to point out.  Believing Trey Parker and Matt Stone are die hard conservatives is like believing Steven Colbert from the Colbert Report is a genuine conservative political columnist.  They are about as liberal as you can get.

Maybe they didn't teach the meaning of satire in University of Arizona or ASU.  I'll do the world a favor by linking you to the definition here

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