Monday, March 21, 2011

Gregoire and Ici

Gregoire and Ici out in Rockridge, Oakland near Berkeley has become two of our recent stomping grounds.

Gregoire has this amazing fried chicken sandwich that is very similar to Bakesale Betty's but a much more marinated and moist chicken center.  The revised coleslaw relish used on this sandwich is also a marked improvement over the original Bakesale Betty version.

The crispy potato puffs is also out of this world.  Be warned though, they have big portions, so only order these two items if you're planning on sharing.  The food is made to order and made right in front of you.  The downside of this restaurant is they have very limited seating, so you may have to wait some time for a spot to open up.  We avoided this problem by going during off peak hours.

There soup is also very flavorful, but it just wasn't quite my style.

Lastly, there is nothing like finishing up a weekend lunch at Rockridge with some homemade ice cream at Ici's.  They make very limited quantities of each batch of ice cream they sell so when they run out, they're out. There is usually a long line outside of their stores as well that snakes down the street, but the wait is well worth it.  The ice cream is pricey, but considering the ingredients used and the care that went into making everything from the waffle cone to the service, completely understandable.

Ici's is one place you probably would not want to share.

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