Monday, March 21, 2011

More pictures of my PAM 0029 with Tuxedo Dial

I decided to take some more pictures of my 2010 Special Edition Panerai Luminor GMT with the Tuxedo Dial (PAM 0029).  The watch is a reissue/ reintroduction of the original watch that came out in the early 1990s.  I actually prefer the newer version as it's much more sleek and doesn't have the small "whisker" increments between the hour indicators.

This watch has become a favorite of mine recently and the brown leather strap has aged very well with wear.  I still can't believe I got such a great deal on this watch.  I need to save up more for my next trip out to Barcelona.  RABAT FLASH comes highly recommended in my book just because of their friendly customer service and their willingness to show me their whole inventory of Panerais.

The watch comes with both the traditional leather strap as well as a rubber strap for the very few times where it will be actually used for it's purpose -- diving.

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