Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Neighbors are Hoarders

Some people really like to collect shit.  When I say shit, I mean useless crap. 

That's right, the box you see on the lower right corner of the window is a Macintosh Color Display.  I can't even remember when the last time "color display" was a selling point for computers.

Too bad iPhones don't come in wide angle, otherwise there's even more hidden surprise, including a road sign that some poor construction company is probably missing.  Never mind the run down Suzuki Sidekick covered in a tarp, as well as a rusting Ford pickup truck from the 1970s.  

The best part is, I think there's three generations living in that one house. Three generation of losers.

The 20ish-year old grandkid who doesn't have a job, but believes he will be drafted by the Red Wings or LA Kings any day now, as long as he keeps playing roller hockey and wearing their team jerseys.  Oh, the grandson drives a 1990s Pontiac Grand Prix and another kid has an old pimped out Dodge Neon with exhaust cause "it's the shit ya'll".

Honestly, they would look more at home if they lived in a trailer park.  I could have sworn I saw their relatives in the last episode of COPS I saw. 

Best of all, they even have the creepy grand father who just stares.  Just... stares.

Good thing I am only renting here. 

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