Friday, March 25, 2011

Praying and hoping from the urban concrete jungle

I took a chance this morning.

Instead of paying attention to the two Weather app I have on my iPhone (the generic weather app and the app, both in my opinion useless) , I decided to use the "poke my head out the window" technique to assess the weather for the day.  I decided to park further away and walk into the office.

This morning turned out to be a great 1-mile walk, the weather was cool enough where I didn't overheat when I got into the office. The weather seems to be holding up so far, and I'm hoping it remains rain-free in the evening as well when I leave for the weekend.

This leads me to another issue I have recently discovered.  Health benefits aside, being a finance/numbers geek, I did some number crunching on how much I'm really saving by parking further away.  I noticed that this month had 23 work days.

So far:
16-days parked further away X $9/day = $144 for the month so far
1-day parked further away and missing the early bird special X $10/day = $10
2-days parked in my old valet spot without a monthly pass X $15/day = $30 for the month so far
4-days remaining in the month, anticipating sunny days where I will be parking further away (that is, if we trust the app) X $9/day = $36

Total month parking cost $220

Monthly parking cost at the indoor valet lot a block from work $275.  Hmmmmm....

Of course, if I go back to the monthly valet lot close to work, all the justification I had for buying the long board goes out the window.  Drives me nuts how hard it is to predict the weather these past few months. Sigh.  Not sure what I'm going to do, but the month is quickly coming to an end, I need to figure something out soon!

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