Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reasons why walking to work is the right choice

This morning, as I was doing the 1-mile walk to my office, I realized something.  I am not as stressed as before and I actually enjoy this time.  In addition, I am getting some exercise.

I walk alongside the road I usually drive and noticed that the reason for this is because (1) I'm no longer stuck in traffic, and (2) because I'm no longer stuck in traffic, I don't have to deal with drivers who shouldn't be on the road because they can't drive.

The only downside I have encountered is now that it's getting warmer, I am starting to get a bit sweaty after the walk (though I was wearing a large wool trench coat).  Also, if I have an "emergency" the closest bathroom is a 1-mile walk away at my office...

In some ways, this is almost like therapy.  I like it.

The traffic I am avoiding.  Today, I actually walked as fast as the gridlock traffic was moving.

And the views I get to enjoy now, instead of having to pay attention to drivers who can't drive stopping short.

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