Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sex Increases your risk of a Heart Attack

I just saw this article pop up on my news ticker from ABC News. Heart Attack Risk: Does Having Sex Really Tax the Old Ticker?  Apparently, this is such a big concern that Tufts Medical Center conducted a research about this.  Seriously?

This reminds me of the movie Idiocracy.  Instead of putting our brightest minds on curing cancer or helping people with AIDS, we're having our scientists invent Viagra and conducting research to see if having sex really increases your chances of getting a heart attack....

I mean, I could have told you that.  Anything that increases your heart pressure and puts a strain on your body could increase your risk of a heart attack.  Come on guys, Elvis Presley had a heart attack and died trying to poop!

Given my choices, I would pick a heart attack and possible death with sex any day.

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