Friday, March 11, 2011

Why aren't we helping the Libyan Rebels?

Realistically, we probably already are with Green Beret and our own Special Forces.

The conflict is just to close to the heart of American interest for them to do nothing about.  The downside is, and the stupid thing is, the US government will probably do the same thing they did in the 1980s against Afghanistan.  They will spend all the money and resources behind the scenes to help fight a war, but will never get any goodwill from it because they will never publicize it.  Maybe what our US government needs is a good PR firm.

Source: The Atlantic.

Here are some additional amazing images from The Atlantic.

Update: I guess we finally decided to get off our ass and help the Libyan Rebels.

Wow, what a change from just a week ago.

My favorite is how now politicians are questioning why we are there.  Yes, there are journalists in Tripoli, but can you really trust what they are reporting from there?  The reporters are highly contained by Gadhafi's government and fed only information the government wants released.  In case this wasn't already obvious, listen to this story below from CNN.  The excerpt of what happened when a women stormed into the hotel  in defiance where the journalists were staying to tell her story of rape evolved quickly to this:
"What followed was a disturbing scene of how Gadhafi's government operates.
Security forces moved to subdue the woman. Even a member of the hotel's kitchen staff drew a knife. "Traitor!" he shouted at her in contempt. Another staffer tried to put a dark tablecloth over her head.
One government official, who was there to facilitate access for journalists, pulled a pistol from his belt. Others scuffled with the journalists, manhandling them to the ground in an attempt to wrestle away their equipment. Some journalists were beaten and kicked. CNN's camera was confiscated and deliberately smashed beyond repair."
 The article is here.

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