Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dinner by Tom

I was fortunate enough to be invited by my CFO to a mainly friends and family event.

Tom Call, who has previously worked at One Market, Campton Place, Aqua, and Coi, has decided to venture out on his own.  This dinner event was to both showcase Tom's unique cooking style as well as to promote his new venture.  I did not take too many pictures during dinner but overall it was a success.  The meal lasted a lot longer than many people expected, and I feel bad for those who had to pay overtime to their babysitters, but the whole meal was basically made by Tom himself.  Most of the other people there were mainly his wait staff.

My gf and I had a wonderful meal and we even got to take home some of his famous lemon curd.  I only wish my mom was able to make pea soup taste as good as Tom makes it...

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