Monday, May 16, 2011

Sibby's "loose" cupcakes!

So I definitely didn't stick to my diet this past weekend.  On the bright side, my calorie count was still within my daily allotment mainly because I skipped out on breakfast and lunch (not by choice, just had a really late start).  Either way, this allowed me to go nuts and my gf and I visited Sibby's Cupcakery both days for their extra, or "loose" cupcakes.  I still don't understand why the minimum order is a dozen, cause these cupcakes only taste good the day they are made.

Sibby's cupcakes aren't cheap though.  For the two days we got less than a dozen total but spend well north of $50.  Their pricing is as follows:  $2/each for their mini, ~$3/each for their regular cupcakes, and ~$7/each for their jumbo cupcakes.

My gf got a jumbo carrot cake cause she loves it from Sibby's.  Funny enough, it is the only carrot she eats.

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