Monday, May 2, 2011

Why would you do this to your car?

I was doing my weekly Sunday trip to Union Square and saw this car in the garage.  At first glance, this car can pass as a BMW M5, but something looked off.  The body panels, more specifically the front and rear bumpers, as well as the side skirts, did not look like they fit with the car.  In addition, the side rear view mirrors and the wheels were "off" and the wheels were spaced unevenly.  Although the window was tinted, I took a peak inside and saw that the car had a regular 5-speed automatic.  For those that do not know a lot about BMW M5s, they never came with a 5-speed automatic.  The only two option of transmissions they have available are their Sequential Manual Gearbox ("SMG") and 6-speed manual, not a 5-speed automatic.

Personally, I can't understand why someone would spend so much money to make their "already a pretty nice car" something it is not.  I mean, getting front and rear "M5" bumpers color matched and installed isn't cheap, and the quad exhaust mod cost a pretty penny as well.  For the price, they probably could have bought a nicely used real M5.  I guess this is probably also the same reason why most "$30K millionaires" remain posers and never advance much in life.

The owner of this car may try to play it off like he or she was really just trying to make his or her car sportier, but it's very hard to buy that line of thought when the owner knowingly removed the 5-series badge that came with the car and replace it with a "M5" badge...

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