Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4-month Diet update

So it has been 4-months since the office started this friendly "biggest loser" competition.

Since then, I have completely overhauled my diet.  There were many "haters" that I no longer associate with whom didn't believe I was able to do it, but guess what, here we go again.  I have to admit this time around the weight loss took a lot more willpower.  The combination of not having the time to work out as well as the metabolism of older age make this a even bigger achievement than before.  I believe I'm still medically considered fat/obese, but fortunately, at least not morbidly obese.

To summarize, I have gone from 227 lbs to 180 lbs.  That's about 47 lbs lost in the period of 4 months, pretty crazy, huh?

Down side of all this weight loss is I have to completely re-wardrobe myself.  The clothes I've had when I was thinner have either been donated or are now REALLY out of fashion.  The clothes I had invested in over the winter now no longer fit.  There is now an ever growing pile of donations sitting on the corner of our living room.  This also leads me to debate whether I should keep my "fat" clothes around for when I grow again... but that's probably an incentive I can live without.

My dress shirts have also outgrown me.  Several of my shirts now make me look like I'm borrowing clothes from my father.  Because they are nice shirts, I have been very reluctant to give them up, but I know the time will soon come where I would have to.  One trick I have learned is that if I wear them with jeans, instead of slacks, I can sometimes get away with having a more baggy dress shirt.

I have learned a couple important lessons, mainly not to purchase any clothes when I am fat if I am determined to lose the weight.  So far, there has been an estimated $3k (and counting) of clothes that no longer fits.  I'm pretty sure there would have been better uses of this money other than be sitting in the corner of my living room waiting for their day at the Salvation Army.  I have been thrifty in restocking my new wardrobe because I still anticipate losing another inch around my waist.  Target weight: 170 lbs.

The belt pictured below was actually slightly tight at the setting shown when I was tubby, and now it is extremely loose.  This is I guess what happens when I go from a 38/40 size waist to 34/35.

This isn't a temporary measure.  I will have to continue what I have been doing in order to maintain my new figure.  This will be something I will have to live with until the day I start working out like Michael Phelps, then I would be able to eat whatever the hell I feel like. 

To illustrate how dramatic of a change it has been for me, there is a picture of me wearing the same pair of Rock and Republic denims, both before and after the diet.  


4-months after:

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