Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sneak Peek into the building of a Chevy Corvette

I half expected the car to be put together by a couple cave man in a shed.  Oh wait, that was how the Dodge Viper was manufactured. Time to learn how they figured out how to cheap out and save money by fitting the interior of a Chevy truck into the interior of a sports car.

The Z06 may rival the performance of a Ferrari or Lambo, but only if you're blind or neglect to see the interior of the car.  Oh wow, Chevy built the frame purely out of aluminum: something that Ferrari and Audi figured out by the late 1990s.  Apparently, Chevy still haven't figured it out, and had to subcontract the frame build out to Dana Technologies. Their work is so rough, that even a TV presenter who has no experience welding an aluminum frame was able to do the work.

They are so cheap that they don't even bother putting a separation between the trunk and the passenger compartment.  Big engine, cheaply built.  Go America!

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