Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wait, how is this different than Facebook

Google+ isn't even officially released, and there's already some nutcase bashing it. Then again, contributing writer really translates to "lowly paid SEO writer for online web news site thing".

I wouldn't be surprised if the writer of this article, Kurt Bakke, was somehow secretly in bed with Facebook.  Every single point he makes in there Facebook has already done.  Has he ever tried to search for someone's name and find their profile online?   Oh wait, here's his Facebook profile right here after a quick search: Kurt Bakke. I'm not sure what magical land he lives in that makes him think Facebook is the keeper of privacy while Google+ is out to share your most intimate secrets.

Maybe he's just jealous that no one has invited him to Google+

Original article below.

Google+: And You Thought Facebook Is a Privacy Nightmare
Google could be setting itself up for massive lawsuits.

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