Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anonymous and SF Protesters are a bunch of Douche bags

Pictures of the Anonymous SF Protester protest here.  You can see that 99% of all the people there are hoodlums and people who honestly don't give a shit about civil rights.  They claim to be demonstrating for free speech, but in turn infringes on other people's civil liberties.

In reality, they are using any excuse they can to cause havoc because we have what they don't.  They are not that different from Al Qaeda -- their ultimate goal is disruption and chaos, and they frankly don't care who they hurt.  There is no moral ground that they are standing on, no liberty they are championing.

Instead of working hard for the fruits of their labor, they want all the benefits of our hard work handed to them on a silver platter - just like communism, and we all know how well that worked out for Vietnam and Cambodia.

Quite frankly, I don't agree with what the Bart police did, but what the protest have done is not right either.  By interfering with people who actually work hard to earn a living and disrupt our ability to go home to our families after a day of hard work, they have infringed on my civil rights and liberties.  Honestly, I don't care if Bart police and SFPD fire live rounds into these crowds to disperse them.  If these people are complaining about civil liberties, let's send them to Afghanistan or Iraq and see how well they fare there.

Most of the people who call themselves members of these groups are uneducated idiots who band behind a movie and graphic novel.  Something created specifically for commercial purposes and used by Hollywood to make money through masking the truth and selling romantic lies.  If they were to actually read any history books, they'll know that Guy Fawke was a staunch religious fanatic who wanted to restore England back to Roman Catholic control and governance. Nice character to rally a whole free-speech movement behind.

The thing is, most of these people are probably frustrated unemployed virgins who need a life, or need to get laid.  I'm frankly really annoyed that my taxes go to pay these people.  I have a proposal: anyone who is caught being disruptive to people who work hard all day in downtown SF should have all of their unemployment, medicare, FICA, or any other government sponsored benefits permanently stripped.

They can protest, but not on my dime.

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