Monday, October 31, 2011

Retaking your SAT

Is it worth retaking your SAT?

The SAT (and the GRE, GMAT) is designed to assess your abilities by testing you on subjects that put everyone on a equal footing. Since it has probably been a while since you actively studied your vocabulary, grammar, and basic math, the exam measures everyone's ability with the same benchmark.

Although the test is designed to make the first assessment score the same as subsequent exams, an important variable is being familiar with how the text is administered as well as how familiar you are with the material can affect your outcome.  Just as one can "improve" their IQ by studying the type of questions given for that exam, one can get familiar and comfortable with how the SAT or GMAT is administered to get used to both the timing of taking the exam as well as make sure you make it through all of the problems.  The result may be you getting a much higher score than your initial results!

But if you can honestly put your hand on your heart and say you've done your best the first time around, the results show that it's probably best you move on.  Chances are you may not do much better, and may even do worse!

  Acing the SAT infographic

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