Monday, October 24, 2011

Why can't I contact a real person via Google Apps?

Guess what, some time back I moved my domains from Google Apps to GoDaddy, and now Google is trying to charge me $10 for a renewal of a domain it no longer possess.  I tried to figure out how to contact Google regarding their error, but there is absolutely no way I can reach a live human being.  WTF is this?

The best part is, the Google Apps site itself won't even allow me to de-select the option to automatically renew.  I wonder how much money they make just from bullshit charges like this...

My main beef with Google services is that overall they work great.  For example, with blogger, they make it super easy for one to purchase an unique domain and set up one's own personal blog.  The downside is they are such a technologically focused company that they have this belief that technology can solve everything.  They make it very difficult (unless your a huge customer) for anyone to reach a live person.

What Google, and many other companies who are trying to stream line their system, make their process more efficient, and cut costs don't realize is that the human touch is still the most important aspect of customer service.  No computer program can anticipate the appropriate answer to every question someone has.  Trained customer service individuals are the only "computers" I know of who can understand and most importantly make the correct correlations to the right answers.  I may be asking why my account was charged for something that I didn't use when in reality after a short conversation with a live customer service rep he or she may find out that my question may really be about how I set up a domain.

This is why even though people talk so much crap about GoDaddy, I still prefer using them over Google Apps, because they almost always connect you to a real, live customer service rep that don't assume you were born an engineer and patiently listen to your questions and walk you through the solutions.

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