Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Are California's Public Servants in it for the money?

Michael Lewis talked about this in detail in his book, "Boomerang".  We as voters put ourselves into this situation and we need to be manly enough to cut the fat.  It's no wonder I see so many public servants living in nice cities driving fancy cars.

Top Ten

Highest salaries and other pay in Oakland in 2009:
$251,370: Oakland Police Chief
$246,936: City Administrator
$245,432: Police Officer
$239,300: Police Officer
$238,250: Police Officer
$233,557: Fire Lieutenant
$232,185: Police Officer
$226,708: Police Sergeant
$225,197: Police Lieutenant
$222,457: Police Sergeant

See for yourself http://lgcr.sco.ca.gov/
A database of local government salaries and compensation compiled by state Controller John Chiang's office shows just how out of whack pay for some California police and firefighters has become in

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