Thursday, November 10, 2011

Executive MBA, same degree, easier to get in, what's the catch?

As I dive more down the path of researching my Executive MBA, I couldn't quite understand this amazing deal.  You can go part-time to a top tier school, and graduate with the same degree as full-time students.  That seems amazing!

One catch I have found is because of the way the programs are structured, there are not a lot of financial aid available unless your company is willing to foot the bill.

Hopefully that's the only catch I will find, but it is one of the biggest decision I am currently trying to make: whether I want to go part-time for 1-year longer to earn only one degree but have my cost spread out into more manageable chunks, or go balls out into the executive program where I will be in and out in 19-months, and with 2-degrees from top tier universities, but having much less financial aid available and at a 33% premium in price.

Sometimes, I really can't tell the difference between for-profit vs. non-profit schools beyond the marketability of the degree I receive after I graduate.

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