Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Follow up to the road legal Tron light cycle

As a follow up to my previous article What I want for Christmas, I saw what I thought was an one off movie prop which was a fully functional light cycle.  I found out today via some random Google search that the bike is a custom one off bicycle made by the custom motorcycle manufacturer Parker Brother Choppers.

For $50,000 USD (there are some articles that claim they are $35,000, but my guess is that the original pricing source may have been in British pounds), you can get your own limited edition, fully functional and road legal Tron light cycle.  The motorcycle can either be powered by a powerful gasoline or electric engine.

When I saw the original Tron movie as a kid, I wanted one of those motorcycles.  Unfortunately, back then, the dream was as distant as wanting one of those robot motorcycle suits from the Japanese cartoon Macross/ Battletech.

Nowadays, it seems like any dream can become reality for a price, and for $50,000 USD, it doesn't seem to be that bad.  Definitely will be an eye catcher.  The bike even has movie-like glow in the dark panels.  Now I just need to find some matching glow in the dark leather motorcycle suit and helmet.

  Street legal Tron light cycle.

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