Saturday, July 7, 2012

If I had extra coins, I'd be all over this. Ridley Noah Sram Force Complete Bike

If I had extra coins, I'd be all over this:


The Belgian cycling tradition usually values the grittiness of the rider over the superiority of their machine. That's why we almost feel guilty, and maybe a little wimpy, for riding the technologically advanced Ridley Noah/SRAM Force Complete Bike. With superior aerodynamics, increased handling prowess, and uncompromising rigidity, the Ridley Noah gives you every advantage you need to get over the line first. So maybe we're not 1940s tough, but at least our bike is a masterpiece.
The Ridley Noah has been touted by Robbie McEwen as the fastest bike he's ever ridden for a reason: the Noahoffers an extreme advantage in the field of aerodynamics. Ridley pushed the boundaries of drag reduction by incorporating numerous unique design features like its own R-Flow technology. R-Flow focuses on reducing the traffic jam of integrated drag around the wheel areas. To achieve this, Ridley placed long, slotted airfoils on the monocoque 4ZA fork legs and on the seat stays. These airfoils redirect the turbulence generated by the wheels away from the spokes, and allow the wheels to create a boundary layer above their surface and reduce drag. Ridley predicted a number of variables and took a multi-stage approach to reducing the Noah. After air passes through the fork's R-Flow airfoils, the frame shape guides the flow onto a textured surface treatment Ridley calls R-Surface. The R-Surface is applied at key points around the frame, and essentially operates as a trip wire. The rough surface creates a slight turbulence directly above the frame surface. This creates an artificial boundary layer that forces the laminar boundary layer towards the forward part of the frame to become turbulent. This process enables airflow to remain attached over more of the frame, and provide a lower level of drag. The final phase is ejecting the altered airflow through the rear airfoils. According to Ridley, the whole treatment gives the Noah a critical 11.5% reduction in drag.
Aside from aerodynamics, the Noah is incredibly stiff. It's constructed from a weight conscious combination of 50, 40, and 30-ton carbon fiber. Ridley placed stronger carbon only where it benefited the rigidity of the frame; this approach limits frame weight without compromising overall stiffness. Additionally, the Noah features an oversized head and down tube to bolster lateral rigidity and handling. Ridley also incorporated an integrated seat mast for stiffness during hard drives to the line in the saddle.
The Ridley Noah/SRAM Force Complete Bike comes with a solid component package. You get the acclaimed SRAM Force group with a 50/34 crankset and an 11-26 PG-1070 cassette. The cockpit includes a FSA Wing Pro Compact Handlebar wrapped in Arundel cork tape, the FSA OS-99 Alloy Stem, and an FSA Integrated 1-1/8in headset. The whole rig rolls on the stellar Reynolds Assault Carbon Clincher Wheelset with Michelin Pro4 Service Course tires.
The Ridley Noah/SRAM Force Complete Bike is available in sizes Medium and Large, and in colors Black/white/red and White/silver.

Noah/SRAM Force Complete Bike Price:  $4598.99  (Was $6700.00)

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