Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New McLaren 12C Spider - Looks amazing

I am very surprised about how the car looks. I love it, and a convertible hard top! They're definitely giving Ferrari a run for their money, both in F1 and on the consumer front.

Dear Xxxxx

Introducing the latest model in McLaren's ground-breaking range of high performance cars - the 12C Spider.

I'm pleased and proud to unveil our innovative new 12C Spider. This car challenges the laws of aerodynamics and defies the disadvantages of its roofless counterparts. As far as convertibles go, it's in a class of its own.

With the 12C Spider, every part tells a story. The car is built on the same ultra-rigid carbon fibre chassis as the 12C Coupe, yet we have engineered a hard top roof which is retractable at speeds of up to 30km/h. Even with the roof down, we have succeeded in meeting our aerodynamic targets, while delivering uncompromised handling and performance.

Just as speed is our driving force, weight is our mortal enemy. That's why we set out to build a convertible with a weight increase target of no more than 50kg. Actually, we weren't satisfied until we reduced it to 40kg.

We also designed one of the lightest and most powerful engines in the world, specifically for the 12C. Along with the patented, intuitive gearbox, the Formula 1™ inspired Brake Steer system, and the revolutionary ProActive Chassis Control, every single component of the 12C has been intelligently crafted to deliver optimum performance.

The 12C Spider is indeed a convertible without compromise... If you're interested in finding out more about what makes it so unique, please visit our website mclarenautomotive.com.

The story of the 12C Spider is just beginning. To watch the rest of it unfold, keep a watchful eye on McLaren's Facebook page. There's plenty more to come.

Kind regards

Anthony Sheriff Signature

Antony Sheriff
Managing Director, McLaren Automotive Ltd
When we design a car, we start from the inside out, not the outside in. In other words, we start with the most important component. You. So in making the ultimate car, we have developed the ultimate driving position.
12C Spider Interior image
We exist to go faster. We've been making open top fast cars since 1963, and since 1981, our Formula 1™ cars have had carbon fibre monocoque chassis. So does our Spider. The monocoque chassis is the skeleton of the car, and the carbon fibre structure means our cars are significantly stronger and lighter. Which means faster.
12C Spider under the skin image
Another innovation inherited from Formula 1™, Brake Steer effectively cancels out understeer by applying precise braking force to the inside rear wheel. This pivots the car, giving the Spider superior cornering performance.
12C Spider Brake Steer image
This is no ordinary Spider. We developed the 12C Spider hand in hand with its coupe counterpart, to make sure we could create a Spider without any of the performance compromises you'd normally expect from a convertible.
12C Coupe and Spider image
If you have previously registered on mclarenautomotive.com and would like to be connected to a McLaren retailer to discuss the purchase of a 12C Spider click here.

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