Sunday, September 27, 2009

Paintball -- no longer just for hurting people

Ok, I admit it.  I was a big fan of paintballing when I was in high school.  Where else can you let out your adolescent and teenage anger on society freely without remorse and/or retribution.

Paintball is actually a very expensive sport.  Paintballs run about $50 - $80 per game.  As a poor high school student, I even for a short period joined our local National Guard Explorer program so I can "paintball" with the Army's MILES gear for "free".  MILES is a laser tag system designed to fit over existing Army armament.  An individual would fire blanks at a target with, for example, their M-16 assault rifle, and the repercussion from the blank will initiate a laser beam that will shoot at your opponent.  If the vest of sensors that one wears gets set off by the laser, the person is "hit".

In fact, I was so into the "sport" of paintball I went as far as spending initially $300, but ultimately almost $1,000/each on high end paint markers, the Autococker and Automag.  Paintball markers are a lot like sports cars, there are endless mods you can make to it.  They even created red dot sites specifically for the markers since most fields require goggles and face protection (and highly recommended).  From a couple hundred for a stainless steel barrel to regulators (to control the expansion of the CO2) and most recently Nitrogen bottles  -- they add up quickly.

I find out afterwards from my fellow high school students that a real gun was cheaper -- then again, I don't see the point of a real gun cause you can't really legally shoot someone with it and still have dinner with them later that evening.

As some of you may know, the paintball itself comes in many different neon colors.  These group of guys below came up with a very creative use of it.  A lot of planning went into it and it looks great.  Watch the video:

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